Sculptures inspired by the abundance and diversity of the coral reef and the unique creature that is the octopus.


I’m Sahasa, a European-based artist who specializes in creating sculptures centered around coral reefs and especially octopus. I am bringing these amazing creatures to life through the medium of polymer and apoxie clay, paint and more.

My fascination with octopuses started back in 2017 and it has since grown into a beloved subject. While I aim to create lifelike representations of these incredible creatures, I occasionally incorporate a mix of vintage and found objects into my artworks, diving below the surface of representational art.

My goal is to create art that resonates on both an aesthetic and a deeper, thought-provoking level. A celebration of the diversity of life and color on the reef.

I sincerely hope for my work to delight you and spark curiosity or even bring a sense of joy and wonder.

Thank you for stopping by!

“A New Beginning”
2023No.2 ‘Sculpted Reef’ Series