Artist Statement

My goal is to create art that resonates on both an aesthetic and a deeper, thought-provoking level. Art that delights, sparks curiosity and brings a sense of joy and wonder to the viewers.

As a sculptor I’m constantly inspired by the natural world, more specifically oceans and coral reefs. I am fascinated by the beauty, explosion of vibrant colors, textures and incredible diversity of life found on the planet’s reefs.

Especially octopuses, a keystone reef species, have captured my imagination. There are some 300 known species of octopus and many more yet to be fully described and researched. Octopus are known for being highly intelligent, exhibiting play, and using tools which is considered to require special cognitive abilities.

I am particularly drawn to the gracefulness of the octopus, and I strive to capture a sense of their movement in my work. I aim to highlight the octopus’s intelligence, adaptability, and dexterity through sculpture with a high level of detail, using a mix of vintage, found, and new materials.

Throughout my works, I aim to celebrate the diversity of life and color on the reef.