Artist Bio

European, Netherlands based artist Sahasa primarily works with sculpture and draws inspiration from the natural world, with a particular focus on ocean and coral reef ecosystems. Using a combination of vintage, found, and new materials, Sahasa’s work captures the explosion of vibrant color and incredible diversity of life found in these environments, with a special fascination for octopuses, a keystone reef species.

Their interest in octopuses began in mid-2017, and since then, they have continued to explore and expand upon this theme, creating lifelike representations of various species and experimenting with new techniques and materials. Sahasa has sold over 300 pieces of their work to collectors around the world, demonstrating a strong appeal to a wide audience.

Sahasa creates various styles of octopus sculptures, including Octopus Tea Cups, Shelltopus, and octopuses in bowls and dishes, as well as freestanding sculptures. Sahasa’s octopus sculptures incorporate elements of both realism and imagination, striving to capturing the fluidity of the octopus movements in their work.

With a mix of vintage, found, and new materials, Sahasa aims to highlight the octopus’s intelligence, adaptability, and dexterity through sculpture with a high level of detail. Sahasa invites viewers to appreciate the vital role played by oceans and reefs in sustaining life on our planet.

Their signature series include ‘Octopus Tea Cups’ where they combine vintage tea cups, silver-plated teaspoons and a diverse range of mixed materials with octopus sculptures, creating imaginative 360-degree compositions which celebrate the intricate, unique characteristics of various octopus species, while also honoring the historical significance of once-commonplace items in our daily rituals.

‘Shelltopus,’ is a series of small sculptures originally inspired by the resourcefulness of the Veined or Coconut Octopus, who are often observed using shells as body armor and shields.

‘Octopus Sculptures,’ features free-standing octopus sculptures depicting the beauty and unique characteristics of several different species.

Sahasa’s latest artistic exploration is the ‘Sculpted Reef’ series. In this brand new collection, they aim to capture the vibrant colors and diverse life of the coral reef, inspired by the incredible creatures that call it home. This series has room to grow and has only just begun.