Welcome to my art archives, where I’ve gathered a selection of my best past works, as well as some of the beginnings and foundations that have inspired my current (and future) creations.

This page serves as a background of my artistic journey, showing clear markings of the evolution of my style and the themes that have influenced my work over time.

Miniature Reef Blocks

2017 – 2019
A selection of Mini Reefs that I created from colored and translucent polymer clay around a structure I built from a few (real) rocks and then encased in resin.

These small works were inspired by the colorful lifeforms and textures as well as the dynamics between species on the reef. They prominently feature Black Tip Reef Sharks and fish such as Yellow and Blue Tang, different species of anemone fish.

Early Octopus Works

2017 – 2018

A selection from some of my earliest Octopus Sculptures.

And the Octopus Sculpture that started it all, 2017.
Inspired by the Giant Pacific Octopus:

Miniature Koi Ponds

2016 – 2022

My previous signature series, that served as a true cornerstone of my art practice. During that time, I created hundreds of miniature koi ponds, honing my skills and experimenting with various materials and techniques. In this period, I deepened my understanding of color theory and composition, and constantly discovered new ways to express my appreciation for this beautiful fish which has such a wonderful and storied past.

Below, you will find a selection of my Miniature Koi Ponds that I consider to be some of my greatest pieces or which signified technical breakthroughs in my artistic journey.