Introducing ‘Sculpted Reef’: A New Series in the Making


I am thrilled to share a first look and insight of my latest artistic endeavor, a brand new collection titled ‘Sculpted Reef,’ which I have just begun working on.

‘Sculpted Reef,’ was born from a drive to constantly evolve my craft and find new ways to express my ideas in bigger ways.

I have always aimed to create artworks that make you go “wow!” and make you come back for a second look, to discover something new within the wealth of detail, no matter how miniature the work might be. In this series I’m focusing on truly growing my work both in terms of physical size as well as presence.

Underwater Worlds

The inspiration for this series primarily comes from the stunning beauty of coral reefs, which have captivated me from a young age. The vibrant colors, intricate textures, and worlds within worlds of many species living alongside each other have always fascinated me. From perfect symbiotic harmony to the predator-prey dynamic, even species that pretend to be one while they are the other, there is an endless source of inspiration to draw from.

The works in this series reference to such scenes from the reef, sometimes in a very direct way but more often there will be room for story-like elements that awaken the imagination. Featuring a variety of species, both realistic and more conceptual callbacks to the symbolic short-hand forms that we are accustomed to when we think of the words ‘coral reef’. 

A deeper look

As I create these works, I am often reminded of the pressing need to protect our oceans and the life within them. Climate change, pollution, and over-fishing are just a few of the many threats coral reefs are facing today. While my first love in art is the urge to create beauty, I also hope to provoke deeper thoughts and, in a way, raise awareness about these issues and inspire others to appreciate what this planet has and the need to preserve this biodiversity.

With ‘Sculpted Reef,’ I hope to transport viewers to a world of wonder and awe, where they can appreciate the stunning beauty of the underwater world and be reminded of the importance of preserving it.

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